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As scientists, we are dedicated to observe the field, take and analyze data to answer questions and solve problems. Knowing that natural resources are finite motivates us to brainstorm solutions and create new technologies for sustainable development that ensure an environmentally friendly future.

We offer environmental services to food producers, public organizations and private companies. We help our clients to understand qualitatively and quantitatively their fields and we advise them on issues related to agro-ecological production, maintenance of biodiversity, and spatial planning, seeking to optimize their products without compromising environmental sustainability.

Our motivation is to work for a better planet for current and future generations to enjoy, and we assume that responsibility now before it is too late.

We believe that monitoring and strategic spatial planning are key tools to inhabit the environment and produce goods without altering ecosystem functioning and biodiversity.

We collect and analyze data to provide better insights and support effective and impactful decisions, committed to sustainability.


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